Randi Ashley


Randall Hills Ashley, Randi, is an energetic and passionate photographer of wildlife and landscapes across the globe. She was raised in New England but found her way to Seattle, WA, where she lived for over 20 years and raised three children. Randi dedicated most of her time on the west coast, teaching and advocating for her son, who is on the Autism spectrum. Randi is thrilled that her family's efforts have led him to be successful, gainfully employed, and independent.

After it became apparent that her son was heading towards self-sufficiency, Randi decided to revisit an old passion--photography. She spent four years studying digital photography and lighting techniques, collecting certificates in lightroom editing, and photoshop. She has also been contributing as a photographer for Mundo Pato Inc., a platform committed to teaching kids on the autism spectrum.

When asked what draws her to photograph landscapes and wildlife, Randi speaks about her connection with animals and peace of nature. Her goal is to share that moment with viewers, allowing them to truly feel her images, experiencing the beauty of this world. Randi is a one-shot photographer, and her style is based on realism--minimal light editing, no brackets, no composites, and no stacking. To her, the greatest compliment is when someone lets her know she inspired them to travel through her photography.

Photographing through Africa, Arizona, Washington, and more, Randi has experienced many adventures. Driven by the challenges of getting the perfect shot, she found herself in some funny and sometimes dangerous, situations. Like when Randi broke her ankle during a safari in Tanzania Africa. Or when she got locked out of her hut in Arusha during the middle of the night--she had to break through a window 7 feet from the ground to get back inside!

All of Randi's experiences lead to remarkable photos that she shares with the world. If you can't wait for her next adventure, be sure to follow Randall Hills Photography on Facebook and Instagram.